Atelier Chipoterie

The “Atelier Chipoterie’” is a place  opens to those who want to play with clay, a place to learn and also of conviviality, creativity and exchange. 

On “chipote” (tinker?!) a lot with the clay, we tinker to center it, we tinker to throw, we tinker to glaze a pot, we tinker for small finishes…

I gave my first class at the «Atelier Chipoterie» in 2003.

it is equipped with 5 electric wheels, a space for slabbing, coiling, a large choice of homemade stoneware glazes, an electric oven of 250L, a gas oven of 150L and a garden for coffee breaks in summer .

  • Maximum number of participants: 5
  • Languages: French, Dutch, English
  • Public: adults, teens, occasionally children .

3 Learning Modules 

“Open atelier” 

All levels combined, we work there according to our desires, throwing or hand building technique, we glaze our pots. I take turns taking care of everyone. I do not propose this course to start with the technique of throwing because my attention would be too monopolized by the beginner on the wheel, the others participants would be a little abandoned.  

*Monday afternoon from 1.30 am to 4pm and Wednesday evenings from 6:30 pm to 9 pm. The 1st lesson is free.

Card of 10 lessons 175€ ( biscuit firing included)

«Pottery Weekend»  

  • Throwing technique beginner , learning basic throwing gestures.
  • Throwing technique advance, with theme, improve your techniques, adopt a better posture to evolve, learn to make new shapes…
  • Discovering clay, learn the coiling technique and slabbing technique, a simple and ancestral way to make pots,taking a bit of time to observe, touch and creat. 

 *4h on Saturday afternoon, 4h on Sunday afternoon. 100€ (including biscuit firing)

“Intensive workshops” 

  • Throwing technique beginner.” 5 days to immerse yourself in the learning of throwing clay, the best way to make a big step with this technique witch is not so easy at first. 
  • Throwing technique advanced, 5 days to push your limits further, enrich yourself with new techniques, share your passion with others.

*5 x 5 hours per week 300€(during summer holidays in general, biscuit firing included)